Aromatherapy a way of Life

Aromatherapy for me is not just about essential oils and treating clients and friends. Like permaculture, it is more a way of life. This is not to say that I go around using oils every minute of my life but it does mean respecting not just the oils and the plants they come from but the whole of nature.

Many permaculture courses include and exercise called, “The Web of Life.” In this exercise the group sits or more often stand in a circle and each person in the group represents an element in a garden or design. These can be bees, chickens, a pond, a hen house, a tree etc. Typically about fifteen to twenty elements are present. The first person is given a ball of string and asked to throw it to someone who represents an element that their own element has a connection with. Inevitably if the ball of string is long enough each element ends up being connected with a minimum of five or six other elements.

At this point everyone pulls so the string is under tension and the person running through the course starts to cut out elements breaking the connections. It takes very few cuts before the whole thing falls apart.

This for me is why the whole of nature is important. This year we have two wasps nests close to our back door which we have done nothing about! They haven’t caused us any problems, no stings to date and in the early part of the year, wasps play an important part in pest control in the garden reducing the number of aphids etc.

So for me being an aromatherapist is not just about serving my community, here in Trumpington and in Central Cambridge. It is about supporting nature and allowing/encouraging it to flourish because only in that way will the wide range of essential oils that is available to the practitioner like myself continue to be available. I also see it as the only way of being consistent in that wanting natural remedies to be available for myself and others and not respecting nature would be a contradiction I couldn’t live with.