October and a nip in the air.

No frost yet, but the first of the season may not be far away, even in Trumpington and Cambridge. This means a careful eye on the forecast as we don’t want our squashes to get damaged by the frost when if brought in at just the right time they can last till May or even June!

woodstoveAs for massage, it means I have to make sure the room is warm enough before I start. During the summer, my test was if the coconut oil I use for massage is liquid, then I don’t need any room heating, otherwise I still need a little. No need for a test now. If I am doing massage at home in Trumpington, I light the wood stove. At my practice in Central Cambridge I put the central heating on a good half hour before the massage is due to start. It is only into the winter and then only if it gets really cold that I have to use central heating at home as well as the stove or at the Salus Clinic an electric heater as well as the central heating. The one exception being that if I don’t have a full half hour in the room before the appointment, I might use an electric heater for ten minutes to warm the room up and then turn it off.

So, if you are someone who really feels the cold why not book an aromatherapy massage in a room guaranteed to be warm enough for you to enjoy the experience.

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