Happy Birthday Pauline!

Pauline Palacy was until a few years ago in no particular order, my cradle teacher, my flying trapeze teacher and one of my volunteers to practice on when I was training in massage and aromatherapy. Many of those who volunteered to be my case studies can not be named because they were patients at the in-patient mental health adolescent unit I worked at at the time.pauline

I am proud to have had Pauline as a friend over many years, starting from the days when The Circus Space was in North Road in Islington and if caught flyers would have their feet poking out of the door at the end if they made it to the catcher!

I have many happy memories of classes with Pauline who always had a great sense of humour and a huge font of wisdom built up over her years both as performer and as a teacher. I also believe that I was the last person ever to catch Pauline one day at TCS’s new home in Hoxton Square.

It was in Cradlepauline1, an individual class that I worked most closely with Pauline, and a number of flyers over the years, Rachel, Sarah, Sam, Charlie and Jane. I think I have missed one or two out!

Pauline also Came to mine and Ceri’s wedding in Trumpington, Cambridge. She can be seen here with Jane, my last cradle partner. I still sometimes wonder how far we would have gone had I not injured my knee! I know that there are many people I know and probably even more that I don’t who like me learned so much from Pauline and owe her a massive debt of gratitude.

I will end my saying a massive thank you to Pauline and the other volunteers when I was doing my massage and aromatherapy training. I also want to wish you a very happy birthday Pauline!