An Holistic approach

Many therapists would have you believe that their approach is the best or that there is an impressive list of things they can cure.

My claims are a bit more modest. Yes there are lots of things that Aromatherapy combined with Massage can help with but cure? Sadly unless the underlying cause of a problem is addressed it is likely to recur. One client who has osteoarthritis in one knee gets three to four days without pain after a massage. Could I change my technique/the oils I use to improve on that? It is always possible but even then it is unlikely that I would get more than an extra day or two at the most.

This same client recently bought some shoes with built in shock absorbing insoles and tells me these have made a real difference virtually stopping the pain. I know that I will get clients in the future where I will suggest looking at changes in footwear to see if that helps. Most importantly, this change my client has made will reduce further damage to the joint. This may well extend the time she is able to carry on with a job that requires a lot of walking by many years as she is a determined woman and not likely to give up without a fight!