Gratitude lessons

Onee of my clients has really been helped by getting an, “SAD” light and using it for an hour a day. Another finds just having natural daylight bulbs in the rooms she uses most helps. Bergamot and Bitter Orange essential oils are really good too.

Asian Jasmine Yoga

Anglesey Abbey October 2015

“Wear your gratitude like a cloak, and before you know it it will feeding every corner of your life.”

It was 2010, when I had to spent the first winter in Cambridge. I had spent winters at other countries before, but only for a short period of time, maximum for 3 months. It was completely different when I had to find out what it really means living through the winters. See, where I come from, every day the sun rises at nearly the same time and sets also the same time. Every day, there is only two possibilities of changes of the weather, rain or not rain. Even if it is rain, the temperature will not go down under 26 degree celcius. And the sunlight, it will always comes out, never missed a day.

So, understanding what it means of seasonal changes, of how long days can be in summer…

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