Away (Again)

It feels like I have been away and not available as a practitioner a lot this year. Two weeks on my permaculture design course, a week in Wales for my Aunt’s 50 years in the Carmelite Monastery as a Catholic nun, and another big family event was a cousin’s wedding. Even though that was only a few days, it adds up and I feel I have been away more than normal this year.

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And I am about to go off again for two weeks. This time to Ireland by train and boat. One day I hope that there will be a balance between the costs of air travel and other forms of public transport that reflects the environmental costs of air travel, but for the present, I have to put up with travelling less often than I would like.

So, between spending time with family and my partner’s best friend from school, I will be away for two weeks with appointments available from 27th October. I will be checking email sporadically while away so if you want a massage or aromatherapy appointment do get in touch. Contact details on home page.