Chilli Oil

Every year I make chilli oil by putting chilli peppers into a jar, covering them with organic olive oil and leaving for about four weeks. The result is a fiery oil that I love in cooking. The peppers are all grown on a plot we rent in the communal pollytunnel on the Trumpington Allotment site in Cambridge.img_20161009_095034

The oil will I suspect be a little hotter this year as some of the chillis are Trinidad Scorpions, a particularly hot variety.

While not to everyone’s taste, I use this oil for cooking just about everything including fried eggs!

While I don’t use it a lot, I do occasionally use it in a diluted form for muscular aches and pains with clients who want more of a sports time massage. The oil really helps to increase the blood flow in the affected area. However, I do need to adjust my massage routine if I use this oil. It is not a preparation to use on the face and while I normally massage around the orbit of the eye during my routine, there is no way I would do that with this oil. I need to go away, and thouroughly wash my hands and then rub some undiluted coconut oil into them in case I am tempted to rub my own eyes in the following hour or two and of course if I have another client I need to similarly decontaminate my hands. Just a simple wash with soap and water that I normally use doesn’t cut it in this instance!