Cancer and Aromatherapy

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,


quickly followed by Movember. Most of those who have had brushes and more serious encounters with the big C have had other forms of the disease but if you look at the figures, cancer rates are increasing. The main reason for this is that as life expectancy goes up, there is more chance of our cells mutating to cause cancer. In the younger age group pollution, largely caused by motor transport is the main culprit in the increase, though there is  evidence that lifestyle and increasing levels of obesity also play a part.

There is evidence that some essential oils can kill cancer cells but any treatments based on this knowledge are at least a few years away and would be outside the scope of nearly all aromatherapists.

What we can help with is the trauma caused by cancer, both emotional and physical and both the direct trauma and that caused by treatments such as chemotherapy.

Ginger Essential Oil for example when inhaled has been shown to be effective in dealing with nausea caused by chemotherapy.

In my practice, both in Central Cambridge and in Trumpington, I have found it is not only those being treated for cancer that can be helped. It is also the close friends and relatives who can gain a lot from massage and aromatherapy in dealing with the situation.