Aromatherapy and Your Real Beauty

Not surprisingly both the perfume and the beauty industries dwarf what I think of as aromatherapy in their consumption of essential oils. In fact they do this by at least two orders of magnitude! I even make some products myself using beeswax, organic olive oil and essential oils.


However I see these products as belonging in the realm of skin health rather than being purely cosmetics. That is not to say beauty doesn’t play a part in my practice. Indeed the beauty I see in in my clients is one of the reasons I practice.

I am not talking about beauty in a classical or a sexual sense here but rather the inherent beauty that people have. Yes, occasionally I see a client who would be regarded as beautiful in the more traditional sense of the word. In Cambridge that might even happen more often than in some other areas, but the percentage of these is probably not enough to keep me in the business. Rather, I am talking about the beauty I see in a client’s face during or at the end of the massage when they are relaxed, when they are pain free or in substantially less pain, emotionally, physically or even both. That intrinsic beauty that is hidden in them for much of the time due to the stresses and pressures of their lives.

And when I do get a classically beautiful client, it is still the difference I see when their worries leave them for a while that I really enjoy.

If you want to let your real beauty show through, whether people normally think of you as beautiful or not, phone 07939273569 or email