Quince a missing essential oil

This delightful fruit which some believe to be the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil mentioned in the bible has a wonderful perfume which develops after it is picked and continues to ripen in a bowl.

Sadly I have only found it as a fragrance oil rather than an organic essential oil. A shame as I guess it would be a wonderful oil for its anti-depressant properties.

There are many natural scents that would if they were concentrated into essential oil form that would have healing properties that have never made it into the therapists kit bag. Why? I guess the most common reason is that of cost. Melissa essential oil takes seven Kg of leaf to produce a ml of oil. The fact that the herb smells so strong does not always mean that the yield is high or even medium!

So tonight, with some friends, I will be enjoying my quince poached in the oven for about an hour along with some lime blossom honey! The quince is from my back garden in Trumpington, Cambridge and the honey a few hundred yards further away from my bees on the allotment.