How often should I have an aromatherapy massage?

Like many questions the answer to this is, “It depends.”


I have had clients come to my Cambridge/Trumpington practice weekly, fortnightly and monthly, monthly being the most common, though two of my current monthly clients would come weekly if they had more money to spare! Weekly would be my option if money and time were no object. However there may even be times where daily would be the ideal when dealing with an acute sleep or other problem. Massage and aromatherapy daily or weekly initially can resolve problems to the extent where monthly maintenance  is all that is then needed. It all depends on whether you see a treatment as a luxury or as a much needed therapy.

For those who would like the benefits of essential oils but can not afford treatments as often as they would like, the skin balm I make using beeswax, organic olive oil and essential oils is a good option for in between times. Used on the neck and forehead, it can be especially helpful for sleep problems. This can be made up with the same oils used during your massage treatment.

IMG_0016To buy skin balm or to talk about a massage treatment using organic essential oils and carrier oils, please phone 07939273569 or email

An alternative is to use the contact form from this site which gives me some information to think about prior to the appointment.