Festive Offer

From now until the end of the first week in January, I am offering first treatments for £40 an hour and £50 for 90 minutes. What better way to fight off those winter blues than an aromatherapy massage with oils chosen with you to help meet your goals for the treatment.woodstoveIf the treatment is at my home in Trumpington, the wood-stove heating the room and towels helps to make the treatment especially appropriate for the time of year. In Central Cambridge the room will still be comfortably warm but with central heating. Oils such as Frankincense can help bring us to a calm sense of mind in contrast to the chaos that is Christmas shopping!

If massage isn’t your thing, another alternative is the skin balm I make.

2013-04-23_10-04-30Beeswax is melted into olive oil and then essential oils of Frankincense and Geranium are added along with sea buckthorn oils making a wonderful moisturising tonic for the skin which can also be used on the lips. I can also do consultations allowing me to make a skin balm to help with specific problems such as anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties etc.  One client uses this on her feet and finds it more effective against athletes foot than preparations prescribed by her GP. Another buys it for their son and finds  it very effective against his eczema. With the athletes foot, most oils have some degree of anti-fungal action but the main active ingredient is probably the beeswax in this case.

To enquire about a treatment for yourself/as a gift or skin balm, email dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com or phone 07939273569