Aromatherapy 4 Brain Balancing

Certainly going to try some of these things myself.

Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul

Aromatherapy for brain balancing is a really interesting subject, and something that can be practically extremely helpful, for example to relieve stress instantly, and to break out of thought loops you got stuck in. But there is even more to it than that.

You might have heard that we have preferred halves of our brains who do more work than the other half.

This can’t be a good thing; and for example you can test that out for yourself with your eyes and with your nose.

For example, hold up a finger in front of your face. Look at it with both eyes and note its location. Now cover up one eye, then the other. If one eye gives you the same location as when you’re looking at it with both eyes, and the other a different location, then the way you see is “unbalanced” towards the eye that sees…

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