Choosing a therapist.

I have written about this topic before but am not sure if I have deleted that page or not without checking. I do remember that I said that you should check the therapists professional association though if you see a therapist at a reputable clinic that should be done for you, though many only check the therapists credentials when they start and don’t ask for evidence of continued membership or insurance.


Once that bit is over, what next?  My suggestion is that you ask yourself exactly what do you want from the massage? What would be your minimum expectation to feel that you had your money’s worth or the minimum change you would want to see after say, five sessions?

I was talking to a client that I also know as a friend and they told me that the reason they come to me is that they always feel nurtured during and after my massages.  Some may be looking for a much more vigorous style of massage which is more stimulating either because that is what they are used to or because they perceive that that is what will help their sports injury or whatever most.

They may well be right. The reason there are so many different trainings in massage is that different people have different needs. If feeling nurtured and cared for is high on your list then I am someone you should consider. On top of that I use essential oils tailored to your needs. Don’t forget, whether you see myself or another therapist, you have a right to say if you really don’t like a particular oil or massage technique. Even if the text book says something is what you need, if it makes you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, that will mitigate against its effectiveness.

I currently have slots available both in central Cambridge and in Trumpington.