The next president is Trump!

I rarely touch on politics here, partly because this is primarily about my not very large Aromatherapy Practice in Trumpington and Central Cambridge but also because it is never going to reach a significant number of the people who matter and will make a difference in the political world.

I feel sad that Trump has won, not because I think Clinton was a great candidate, I don’t think she was, rather the thousands of white working class voters who ensured his victory in so many states where they have been overlooked and ignored for decades by both parties in the USA are in my humble opinion unlikely to be any better off at the end of a Trump presidency. On top of that, many other disadvantaged groups are undoubtedly going to be worse off. Again, that is my opinion.

I also do not think anger is the answer here. There is a place for righteous anger when it stimulates action that rights wrongs, however in the current situation I see anger as likely to further polarise American society in much the same way as Brexit has done here in Britain. Rather what is needed is for politicians who really care about others, whatever their political colour (Coming from Britain, I do struggle with the fact that the Democrats are blue!) to show compassion for all disadvantaged groups, not just the ones they perceive as being likely to vote for them and work towards improving their lives and communicate the fact that they are doing so!

This message applies as much to the UK as it does to the states. Yes there is anger from those who feel a vote went the wrong way because of dishonest messages but the remain campaign was also dishonest. We need to build a politics based on honest and caring rather than power and tribalism and we all whether red, green blue or any other colour have a part to play in this healing.