Winter warmer.

I welcome the colder weather. It gives me the chance to enjoy the wood stove, my bees will consume less of what they have stored for the winter as they are less active and because the queen will lay fewer eggs, the break in brood production will reduce any problems due to varroa mites. Fruit trees will do better too. – They need a period of cold weather in order to produce fruit the following year so I am really pleased that we have already had more frosts than the whole of last winter! abdominal-massage-14172846

And with Christmas approaching, I am using a lot of Frankincense essential oil in my skin balms but also a lot in my massage practice too. As shopping becomes more hectic I find more clients need an oil that takes them down into themselves and their roots, just as the fruit trees do, They stop growing till late winter/the start of spring.

So if you are in need of some time to reflect, to build up your reserves even if just to face the fray of the shops or the internet why not give me a call on 07939273569 or email to book an aromatherapy massage either here in Trumpington or at the Salus wellness centre in Norfolk street, just a stone’s throw from the Grafton Centre.