Joined up treatment!

One of my clients recently had two appointments, one at Papworth Hospital to the sleep clinic and one at Addenbrookes Hospital to see a rheumatologist. Neither of the specialists seen were told by the GP about the other referral. My client, being fairly switched on did share this information and with good reason. All the information together enabled the rheumatologist to make a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I was pleased to see that the Fibromyalgia leaflet my client was given does include massage as one of the things that can help!

As someone who worked in the NHS  for 30 years, I am not writing this to have a go at a system which I still believe to be one of the best in the world but rather to look at what can be done differently.

The depth of knowledge required by consultants in individual specialities precludes them knowing everything about another’s field of expertise. However, the compartmentalisation of specialities does often happen at the expense of the gains that could come from collaborative working.

This is why an Aromatherapist will almost inevitably ask a lot of questions that are seemingly unrelated to the main issue a client presents with. (Having trained as an aromatherapist long before I finished my nursing career, I used to do that as a nurse as well!) To me this is a big part of being an holistic practitioner and treating the whole person. I do not feel I am trying to replace the NHS and the medical system, seeing myself as a complementary practitioner rather than alternative.

If you are looking for a joined up treatment where you are seen as a whole person,

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