Compassion for the self and others.

I have just read a blog post about of someone being bullied by a small minority of the vegan community because he is running a course about eating meat ethically. Most of this is happening on line. I am currently listening to, “all in the Mind on BBC Radio4.

Given my background of having worked in Child and Adolescent Mental Health for over 25 years, both here in Cambridge and elsewhere this  episode was of particular interest to me, focussing as it did on preventative work with this age group. The therapy in question, was computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (CBT) and the particularly interesting point made was that statins need to be given to around 2,000 people to catch one person whose health will be significantly improved by them. In contrast, this therapy would only need to be given to 9 people on average to catch one who needed it!

I know from my experience working with young adults that CBT can be very effective however, I would also suggest that massage and aromatherapy could make a similar if not greater difference. The increase in depression and self harm among adolescent girls and suicide among boys is I would contest, due in part at least to increasing lengths of time spent on line, cyber bullying and lack of compassionate human interaction. There are many oils that could help with this but they include, Lavender, Bergamot, lemon, Rose and a lot more.