Each element should have multiple functions.

This is one of the principles of permaculture and if a health practitioner, (mainstream or complementary) follows this guideline along with its counterpart that each function should be supported by multiple elements it greatly increases the chances of success in treatment.

Frankincense for instance, is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, calming – one of the best oils for dealing with stress and depression. It has a number of other therapeutic properties. Massage can relieve both pain and stress, aid healing after injury, help with depression and many other conditions.

If we take just one of the conditions I mentioned above,  depression, then massage can be combined with a number of different oils that can help with it. (The same principle can also be applied in mainstream mental health work – anti-depressants can be used alongside talking therapies.) The aromatherapist, however has the advantage that a combination of up to four or five oils is not going to risk dangerous drug interactions that combining several antidepressant medications might. Frankincense, might be used alongside bergamot or lemon along with Jasmine or Rose oil. Rose is also anti-inflammatory, and is particularly good at healing emotional wounds from loss or abuse. Bergamot along with the other citrus oils is ideal for helping to move the stuck energy which often goes along with depression.

Of course, there is also the effect, particularly with psychological conditions of having an hour or ninety minutes which is my preferred length of treatment to oneself. – Much of the research into treating anxiety and depression with complementary therapies tries to control for this by having someone spend time with the control subjects, allowing them to talk. – Some studies compare the complementary therapy with standard treatment against just the standard treatment. Missing out the standard treatment is seen as unethical if the standard treatment has a good evidence base.

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