The beauty of Nature


A recent visit to some friends in Lancaster and the loan of a lens that fits my camera gave me the chance to play and to capture some of the beauty we saw over the weekend. I was also reminded of how important nature is to my life and to keeping me healthy both in mind and body. Nature not just visually beautiful but an amazing web that supports us with all our food needs and all the wonderful herbs and other plants that produce the oils I use in my Aromatherapy and Massage practice back home in Trumpington and Cambridge.


crw_1323_crw_embeddedThis  Robin, had no fear of humans and was no doubt waiting to see what titbits we would leave behind, all very welcome no doubt  the ground being frozen too hard to dig for worms. (I more normally see them when digging at the allotment waiting to see what I will turn up for them. – I don’t grudge them either the worms or the crumbs we leave behind.

While loving the beauty I saw outdoors I am also in awe at the way essential oils can interact with any patterns of disharmony in our bodies and gently correct them to bring us back into balance. Each person I treat has a special beauty of their own which is enhanced when they are in balance.

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