Finding your Balance


When I see a client, I am not looking to, “cure” a disease in the way a doctor might by prescribing antibiotics. (While vastly overused, they are valuable tools in treating some illnesses.) Rather I am working with the individual person in the practice room to help them find a balance either in their life, their body or their mind or even in all three.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views illness as a pattern of disharmony in the body. Massage with essential oils can help to correct this.  Lifestyle choices can also help us to achieve a balance in our lives and this is something many of my clients talk to me about.

Achieving the right balance can be with exercise as in the above picture, having a massage using essential oils, leaving an abusive or non nourishing situation or even just spending time in nature. This is something I have been reminding myself of over the past few days.

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