Can I have an Aromatherapy Massage during My Period?

Well, obviously, I can’t as a man but this is a question I get asked at least three or four times a year and the answer is always the same, yes as long as you are comfortable with it. Indeed, many of my clients find it relieves menstrual pain. Essential oils that are particularly helpful are, Everlasting, Rose and Clary Sage among others.


Some oils have a very mild diuretic effect and this can help women get rid of the extra fluid that builds up prior to menstruation. I always ensure I have a Terry towelling robe available should they need to leave the practice room to pass urine during the massage.

Abdominal massage is found by most of my clients to be particularly helpful but so is work on some of the accupressure points, Sea of Energy, Gate Origin and 3Yin Crossing are the points I use most. Two of these are done as part of the abdominal massage.

Interestingly, A Cochrane Review was unable to determine whether Acupressure and acupuncture helped because of the poor design of the studies they looked at so as far as research on Traditional Chinese Medicine and menstrual pain is concerned, the jury is still out. However if what my clients in Central Cambridge and Trumpington say is anything to go by there is little doubt that Massage and Aromatherapy which includes work on these points there is little doubt that it helps. I don’t see enough clients to do a comparison¬† between doing the massage with and without the work on these points to be able to judge their value. To do so would require a multi practitioner study.