A new year

Ten essential oil ideas for a new year.

  1. Book an Aromatherapy Massage in Cambridge or Trumpington.
  2. Use at least one essential oil in your home every day. (I always add lemon oil to our washing up. Just one or two drops is sufficient.
  3. Try a new essential oil to you. (I have tried over 100 and still have plenty to try!)
  4. Make sure your shampoos are all organic and don’t contain any nasty chemicals.
  5. Use a book or an internet search to learn more about your favourite essential oil.
  6. Take an essential oil and let a couple of drops fall on a piece of card. Smell it and note your emotional and any other reactions at once, and after 1, 5,10, 30 minutes and one hour.
  7. Whenever you are feeling stressed, take a few drops of a favourite essential oil and if you don’t have a burner or vapouriser, just drop them into a glass or cup of hot water. (don’t do this with citrus oils and disposable plastic cups or it will react with the cup in a ring at the level of the water!
  8. Check what essential oils are listed in cleaning products in your home.
  9. Make sure you use essential oil containing herbs (i.e. any herb!) at least once a day.
  10. Book another Aromatheapy Massage!