We all get scars from time to time, emotional, physical or both. Minor scars disappear completely given enough time whereas more serious ones leave a permanent mark.


Aromatherapy and massage can help scars to heal more quickly. Rose and lavender essential oils are both useful in helping physical scars to heal.  preventing those like this extreme example to form. These keloid scars can be removed surgically and following surgery massage with lavender oil can be very effective in improving the outcome.

Of course, psychological scars like their physical counterpoint can also, “itch” or be irritating even if not visible to others. Emotional or psychological injuries like cuts, can also sometimes fail to heal for whatever reason. I am not going to push this analogy too far. While worrying at these psychological injuries can keep them active and prevent emotional healing, sometimes they need to be looked at in therapy to enable healing to take place. Perhaps this is the equivalent of surgery?


Rose oil is one of the go to essential oils for emotional healing but there are many others that can be useful too. Frankincense is one particularly if anxiety is a factor.

Here a nurturing massage rather than deep tissue is most helpful. Along with the knowledge that the therapist fully accepts the reality of the client’s experience.

Many clients I have seen take great comfort from being believed and accepted along with the knowledge that it is OK for them to take time out for themselves rather than always having to put their own needs on the back burner in order to care for others.

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