A riddle.

“One is good for you, the second will do you harm and the third will kill you.” The quote is taken from the Salerno medical school in the middle ages.

Any ideas? I knew thisnutmeg-006

spice was poisonous in quantity but if one does me good I am a long way from taking too much as even if cooking for eight or ten I would never use more than a small portion of a nut.

We are talking about nutmeg, the essential oils is good for muscular aches, including menstrual discomfort when it can also help treat depression and mood swings associated with menstruation.

The main thing I use it for therapeutically is arthritic pain when its anti-inflammatory action is the main reason why it works.

Does it also work if you take the spice in a meal? The short answer is, “I don’t know.” It is used in traditional Chinese Medicine for a number of complaints so it may well be effective.

Do think about booking a massage if you want to see if the essential oil can help with your problems and when you use the spice, give a thought for the bloody history of it and how many suffered during the wars fought over it which this article from the Guardian gives some information on.