No car!

I travel to and from the clinic where I work by bike. I also see clients at home, (mine not theirs.)

Every once in a while, someone suggests that life would be much easier if I had a car. I could carry a table to clients’ homes and treat them there. A valid point and many of the other reasons I am given are also valid, however I have seen how most of those who own a car end up becoming dependent on it. I don’t want that to happen. I also don’t want to be part of the pollution problem.


This news item from the BBC gives me yet another reason for not wanting to be part of the problem more than is absolutely necessary. (We will be hiring a car to take my father in law to his sister’s funeral soon as his health would make doing this by public transport impossible.)  One of the figures from the research is that around 11% of dementia cases within 50metres of a busy road can be attributed to traffic.

As a complementary health practitioner,  using a car every day would be contributing more to health problems than any good I do during my sessions. I use organic products in my work for similar reasons. Will this change when electric cars become cheap enough for me to get one? Possibly if I am still working then. Even if not working, I may still get one as long as I can be sure charging is always with carbon free energy.