Staying out of Hospital

Listening to the news today, I heard again about the crisis in the NHS. Partly caused by difficulties in discharging patients but also just not enough staff to look after everyone to the standard that those working there aspire to.

On the news this was largely about Accident and Emergency departments but it applies just as much to other acute areas including Mental Health.

Staying healthy is everyone’s responsibility to some extent and we should all be doing something active to keep ourselves healthy even if only because we are then less likely to make others ill!

Exercise is important and this will reduce our chances of many problems including those of mental health. I also use essential oils on a daily basis to reduce the chances of my catching colds, flu, etc. and also to speed recovery if I do catch them. (It is over ten years since I last had flu and that despite never having had a flu jab which was on offer when I worked in the NHS.)

Stress also increases our chances of being part of the pressure on acute services and is the reason many of my clients come to me either in Trumpington or Central Cambridge.

If you want to do something positive about staying healthy this winter, why not book an Aromatherapy Massage? or phone 07939273569