Do you follow or fight nature.

On Sunday I was doing some maintenance at Trumpington Community Orchard where apart from helping out with a chainsaw and other work from time to time I also look after an observation hive.


img_20170108_122721In this hive the bees are allowed to build comb as they will. No honey is taken from them and unless I think them in danger of starvation they will not be fed. My interaction will I hope be purely to observe how they behave in the absence of my interference.

Their behaviour is determined by the weather, by what is in flower at any particular time and by how much nectar and pollen it is producing. On Sunday they were out flying around the hive, in the warm weather whereas today they will not have ventured out at all.

In contrast my own behaviour is determined by when my clients want a massage, what time the shops are open and often that means I will not be following nature but fighting it, cycling to the clinic when there is rain sor sleet or snow, going to the wholefood shop in similar weather etc. Of course some jobs I will put off till the weather is better. Cutting up wood for the stove is something I tend to do when the weather is cold as being quite physical even in -10C I can be quite warm! Heavy rain on the other hand is much less pleasant and I can usually find an indoor job to do.

What about you? Do you find ways to nurture yourself when the elements seem to conspire against you. Perhaps it is time to think about booking a massage to enjoy the heat of the room and the aroma of the essential oils as you take a break from working despite nature rather than with it?