I am too busy to have a massage, go out for a drink, etc. etc. etc.

Heard this before? Said it before? I certainly have on more than one occasion. In fact it is something I say on a regular basis. It is very easy to be running around all the time and never stopping to do something that is just for ourselves.


And yet, often when we slow down and take time for ourselves somehow the business gets put into perspective. Sometimes, taking a break, allowing ourselves to rest and just be is the thing that paradoxically helps us to be more productive and actually achieve some of those things that were not getting done because we were too busy rushing!

Oils to help us slow down and relax and just be include vetiver and Frankincense.

Black pepper can like Rosemary helps restore a sense of purpose and direction so using these two oils as well can help direct our energy once we have stopped rushing around.

So if you need to relax and let go in order to focus your direction in life and work to achieve them rather than being very  busy achieving little or nothing, call or email me to arrange an aromatherapy massage treatment in Central Cambridge or Trumpington.

dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com or 07939273569