Wassail Wassail all over the Town

Well around Trumpington Community Orchard anyway! It starts at 2.30pm on Sunday 29th January.


All are welcome and anyone with acoustic instruments welcome.  We expect to have the famous wheelbarrow orchestra present at the start to drive out evil spirits and then some hopefully more melodious music to nurture the trees and encourage growth.

The orchard is a community project run by a handful of people with volunteer support. It has all the Cambridgeshire apple varieties along with the two gages. There are also a number of other trees including a seedling apple and quite a bit of bird cherry, some of which has been thinned out over the years to allow more light for other trees to grow.


Other attractions include an observation hive where the bees are allowed to make completely natural comb. Unlike my other hives which I harvest both honey and wax from, these do not get interfered with other than to look at them through the glass from time to time. They will be fed if in danger of starvation.