Always something New to Learn

As an aromatherapist, I am always learning whether that be from my clients, talking to other practitioners or reading. One of the things that I choose to learn more about is how things grow. Every aspect of this, particularly organic growing is important to me.

Some therapists might not see this as important but to me, it is something that adds another dimension to my practice. So with that in mind, on Saturday, at cropshare I was learning how to drive a tractor.


In some ways, not that different from driving a car but with three gear leavers instead of one giving a total of 12 gears to choose between! Along with that there is making sure the plough is the right way round, lifting it to turn around at the ends of furrows and dropping it again at the start of the new furrow, then lifting it again, checking to make sure the guide wheel is in the correct position by glancing backwards all while keeping straight.

I might at some point suggest that Paul might want to grow some herbs for oil production at the farm so that would be another link for me.