The best laid plans……….

My partner and I spent the best part of four weeks following the death of her aunt, helping relatives plan the funeral and working out how to get her father (aged 91 and in a care home with dementia) there and back again.

This involved hiring a car, getting something to protect the mattress in the B&B just in case he has an accident and much more. The day before the big event, we took him out to buy a new coat, as the one he had had got lost a couple of years earlier when he and his wife had to move out of their home to the care home.

Unfortunately, just as with many other chronic illnesses, with dementia, things don’t always go according to plan. We arrived at the care home, only to have him refuse to come.

So three quarters of an hour later than planned, we set off to pick up my partner’s nephew and his wife who were going to come with us.

We arrived at the crematorium with about 15 minutes to spare but we were not the only ones with problems, Another branch of the family got lost and ended up at the wrong crematorium. Staff at the correct one were very nice and delayed things as much as they could but because of how things were, they ended up missing the service for Dorothy and we didn’t meet up with them till the meal afterwards where we were all able to look at family photos of Dorothy and of other members of the same generation.

Now back at home and next blog post hopefully will be to do with aromatherapy again!