The power of nature

Nature is powerful. This is true whether we are talking about the wind, the sea, earthquakes or even plants. Tree roots can split rocks that would require powerful explosives for us to do it.


Nature also provides us with powerful tools to aid healing. Essential oils and various plants are the original source of many of the drugs in common use today.

Some of these remedies however are powerful and not to be taken lightly. Yew, the source of some of the drugs used in Chemotherapy can be deadly with only a few berries needed to kill. Digitalis, the much loved foxglove is the source of digoxin an important cardiac medicine can also kill.

Essential oils used in massage have a much gentler action, diluted in a carrier oils as they should always be. They enhance the benefits of the massage both directly through their interactions with the body’s physiology and also their psychological action. Some are trained in the internal use of essential oils. While taking them as medicine is possible, the dangers of this have led me to avoid this training so far.

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