The Trump

Recently, my social media feeds, like BBC news outlets and the newspapers have been filled with things to do with Donald Trump. This may not be surprising given some of his edicts over the past few days and the stream of twitter comments he puts out.

What is a bit more surprising is that most of my clients want to talk about him too! Some because they may be affected directly by his utterances, others more in fear of what he might do in the world in general.

It is all too easy to respond to this just by re-posting everything we see that says something negative about him or his supporters. Also all too easy to forget that many of those who voted for him have been let down by both parties in America over many years. This is not to say that I support him, far from it,  indeed I have at times joined in the anti-Trump postings on Facebook.

What is important for me however is that we need to avoid demonising either him or his supporters. We need to find ways of responding that reflect our love and concern for our fellow citizens of the world. Responding merely with anger will fuel the problems he causes rather than dampen them down.

Remember each time we respond with care and love, we do something positive for the world. It is time to define ourselves more by what we want than what we oppose.