Building Resilience

I often see clients in response to some sort of emergency, either physical or psychological. This can be anything from their having put their back out to a long time partner upping sticks and leaving.

While there are things we can do to minimise the chances of either of these events and most of the other emergencies people come to me with they can not be stopped completely. For the first, regular appropriate exercise is clearly something that can help and for the latter, good communication habits is one thing that can help.

One question, I often think about with my clients is, “How can they keep themselves in a condition where when things do go wrong they can bounce back as quickly as possible.” (I appreciate they may not feel like bouncing after just putting their back out!)

Regular Aromatherapy Massage can be helpful in both of these scenarios. In the first, it helps keep the relevant muscles in good condition though it is no substitute for exercise. In the latter, if we are used to taking care of ourselves and allowing ourselves to be cared for we will recover far more quickly from emotional trauma.

If you are interested in building your resilience why not book a regular Aromatherapy massage by calling 07939273569 or emailing