Understanding someone in Chronic Pain

I know a number of people, some just as friends and some as clients who suffer from Chronic Pain. (A condition that continues for over three months and after the injury of condition is treated.)

Often, there is no visible sign they are in pain and it is not unusual for them to be misunderstood or even disbelieved.

One of those I know with chronic pain posted this link today and I thought it worth reading for everyone who knows someone with chronic pain. As a practitioner it is a useful reminder of some of the points and it is worth remembering that most of us probably know someone with chronic pain even if they have never told us.

And, I won’t say everyone with chronic pain should come for a massage – it helps many but everyone is different and there will be some that are not helped by it. Some I know have been made worse by massage that is not appropriate to their condition when the therapist has not been  prepared to listen to their client.