Another busy day

Yesterday was Trumpington and Cambridge’s annual seed swap event. As well as lots of seeds to swap, we also had stalls from Trumpington Community Orchard Project where Susanna sold a number of apple trees, grafted on site, the local wildlife trust, Waterland Organics, and a number of others.


Sadly I didn’t get around all the stalls because I was sitting at my own but happily I did sell 8 jars of the skin balm I make with beeswax, organic olive oil and essential oils. A number of people also took away business cards though on past experience the time between taking a card and being contacted to book a massage can vary between a couple of days and five and a half years!

So today is down to housework, (tidying room ready for doing a massage- my partner loves me doing massage at home as it gets me doing more housework than normal!) Lighting wood-stove earlier than normal so room is nice and toasty ready for the massage, melting coconut oil for the massage and centring myself ready for the massage. (When the coconut oil is liquid at room temperature is when I know it is warm enough to do without heating.)

Tomorrow, I will be doing massage in Central Cambridge at the Sallus Wellness Centre which has the advantages of couches where I can press a button to adjust the height, but the heat comes from central heating, boosted by electric radiators if needed which for me isn’t quite the same.