Chefs, Nurses, Shop workers.

What do this group have in common? For the most part, they are on their feet for the whole of the working day. (One reason I left general nursing for mental health work!)


There is plenty of research as well as anecdotal evidence to show that this group of workers are at much greater risk of  getting varicose veins. This makes it especially important for them to look after their legs and feet. I have seen many colleagues who have suffered from these problems as well as a number in my massage and aromatherapy practice in Trumpington and Central Cambridge.

Some have said that massage should not be done with those who already have varicose veins. This is not true, however vigorous sports type massage on the area affected is certainly not indicated. A more gently style of massage over the affected area however can be done and indeed many find this helpful. So do use the contact form if your feet and legs or any other part of your body need some TLC.