New Clients

This week I am seeing three new clients at Salus Wellness Centre, in Central Cambridge,  which has led me to think about the importance of the consultation part of a treatment. This is on the whole where I get to know my clients. I sometimes learn very personal information regarding their physical and or emotional state which is a great trust and at the same time I don’t know whether they take milk or sugar in their tea!


Of course when I see a client over many sessions I learn more about them, sometimes learning things that had I known them at the start would have influenced the treatment and changed it slightly.

For me the important thing is that I keep listening to the feedback my client gives me whether that is at the initial consultation, during a massage, at the end of a consultation or at any time during a subsequent treatment.

Client’s needs sometimes change over time and occasionally I add an oil that is new to me to my repertoire.  Remember whether you book an appointment with myself or anyone else, it is vital that they respond to your changing needs.