Time for a change

Yesterday I saw a client who had had a lot of massage before but it had all been sports massage which in her words, “Is meant to hurt!” Now I am not saying that there will never be any discomfort with the massage I give but generally there will be alot less than in sports massage. My aim for massage is for it to be more nurturing in nature but still work the muscles enough to help reduce aches and pains.


My client had opted to try something different and really enjoyed it. I am not decrying sports massage. For many people it is an essential part of keeping their bodies in top condition or reducing the effects of injuries. However there are also times when Aromatherapy is certainly another option and sometimes a better option. And here I will repeat advice I have given on a number of occasions both in person and on this site. Whatever type of massage you go for, if something doesn’t feel right for you, say so! That covers both not right physically and psychologically. You will know if pain during massage is damaging or not. You will also know if you feel uncomfortable with being touched on any part of your body. It doesn’t matter if it is completely innocent on the side of the practitioner. If it is and they are an honest practitioner, they will acknowledge your discomfort and avoid giving it.