Obviously, I would like all in Cambridge or at least enough to fill all my slots to be choosing Aromatherapy as their treatment of choice.  However, 1. that would not be realistic and 2. it wouldn’t be the right therapy for everyone. For some counselling/psychotherapy is what they need and at a more intensive level than I have trained to. Others need sports massage or osteopathy because of injuries of spinal problems etc. etc.

However, there re many who do not know what is the best therapy for them. They may have difficulty relaxing, anxiety, nagging low level pain, lethargy, one or more of hundreds of other complaints which could be helped by counselling, reflexology, hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy Massage etc.

To these people I would say, “Actually choose your therapist rather than the therapy. If they are honest and it turns out they can not help you achieve what you want from the therapy they will help you find the right therapy for yourself. Many therapists, myself included have knowledge of many more therapies than they practice. Some like myself come from conventional backgrounds. (I trained in both general and mental health nursing many years ago and have subsequently done training in a number of different aspects of psychotherapy including analytical work, CBT, DBT, Gestalt and Dance therapy.

So whatever you choose, make sure the therapist is someone you feel you can have  a good relationship with. (Over 30 years ago I read some research that showed the relationship with the therapist made more difference than the type of psychotherapy offered by the therapist.  Another piece of research showed that the more experience the psychotherapist, the more difficult it was to tell by observing their sessions what their main orientation was. This makes sense as therapists learn from different disciplines all the time adding insights and skills from them to their repertoire.

So while I would love you to choose me, I may not be right for you. If that turns out to be the case however I will help in thinking about who might help more.