Winning the stress War

Like it or not, stress is a part of every day life. The day I stop experiencing stress, I will be either dead or in a coma. Despite the fact that I and many others make much of our living helping people to deal with stress, that does not make it a bad thing. Like cream cakes, stress is only a problem when we experience too much of it! Anxiety too is not a bad thing in itself. If I am about to cross the road and I am unsure about the speed the car approaching the crossing anxiety makes me wait. Without anxiety I would be dead! And yet paradoxically, those who suffer panic attacks often fear that the stimulus provoking their anxiety will result in their death


These things become a problem when they carry on after the stimulus is gone. So if a near miss from a car stops us crossing the road  due to anxiety this could be a minor problem if another route is easily available but if it means a 5 mile walk before we find a way across it is a major problem!

Massage and aromatherapy can reduce the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol in the body helping us to keep background levels down to something we can manage aiding sleep and our ability to carry out every day tasks.