Tears on the couch.

Twice this year and a dozen or so other times, I have had clients shed tears while having a massage. One, it was about doing something for themselves for once in a long time, a few other times it has been about childhood or other memories. Others, my client hasn’t had a clue what it is about. Still other times, they just haven’t said anything other than just to thank me for being there.


What I clearly can not know for certain but believe however is that in all these cases the tears were healing ones rather than angry ones. I also believe based on my experience as a mental health nurse that there is a great therapeutic value in tears that are witnessed in a supportive manner. Too many of us (both male and female) are told that we are too old for crying. For me, the day that I stop being able to cry with my clients on occasion is the day I give up any therapeutic work.

And it goes without saying that crying while allowed in my sessions is not compulsory! If it happens, no problem, we accept it and move on when ready. Not everyone needs to even if the reason for coming to massage is psychological rather than physical. (I don’t really believe in the distinction as the two are so closely linked together.)

If you would like a massage where your emotions will not be judged, use the contact form I have, email dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com or phone/text 07939273569. Do leave a message if I am busy.