Listening and other Observations.

I have said before that perhaps one of the most important things I do with my clients is to listen. Listening is a skill that can be learned though it could be argued that those who can really give someone the sense that they have been listened to have a natural aptitude for it.


Listening to me means not just understanding what my client intends to convey but also showing them by my words and actions that not only do I take them seriously but also that I do not judge them for their actions. I sometimes get clients whom it seems expect to be judged or blamed for how they reached their current position in life.

Active listening enables me to better understand my clients and better choose essential oils that will help them to achieve their goals for the session and if they are having several sessions their longer term goals for treatment which may or may not be the same, though I expect them to be related.

Ninety minute standard sessions enable me to really explore with my clients what they want and still have a massage that lasts over one hour. Some clients talk more during the treatment, others prefer to sleep, meditate, practice mindfulness or just enjoy the sensations of the massage.

Sometimes a client will sob silently and the last time this happened, the only reason I knew was the shaking of her back felt through one hand at the base of her spine while the other massaged the meridian along the back of the leg. Listening to what my body/hands tell me during the massage is important as are my observations of any changes in skin colour or tone.

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