Nature is powerful

As I write, Storm Doris has started to make her way across the country. Here in Trumpington on the Southern edge of Cambridge it is windy but not windy enough to cause any problems as yet though the strongest winds are predicted to be in another three to four hours.


As some have seen this year, water is another powerful force of nature, again one that can be harvested for its power but can also be incredibly destructive.

Natures herbs, essential oils and other natural remedies share this destructive potential alongside their therapeutic value. Perhaps this is most evident in the genus, Taxus. The flesh of yew berries is edible yet ingesting only two to three of the seeds will kill humans. On the other hand, it is the source of some of the most effective anti-cancer drugs we have.

Essential oils, used diluted in an oil such as coconut or walnut normally pose little risk though some should be avoided in pregnancy, epilepsy and some other conditions. Ingested or used undiluted however they can still be dangerous. Inhaled there is little danger as the quantities taken in through this route are so small. This is fortunate as otherwise we would be unable to smell flowers without risking our lives!

I like to use essential oils through massage where the nurturing nature of this enhances the work of the oils to become a powerful force which paradoxically can calm the body and mind, easing distress and anxiety. Low mood can be enhanced and for those suffering from lethargy the massage can be invigorating, though building energy for those with conditions such as ME or chronic fatigue syndrome as it is more accurately called is better done by a gentle massage.

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