Making changes.

I will often make small changes in the choices of oils I use with a client who comes over a number of sessions. I may also make changes in the massage I do based either on learning more about the clients needs or sometimes on my own increased understanding of the oils and their effects.


Yesterday with one client I added a quadriceps stretch to the massage, partly because I just thought it may be helpful but also because she had taken up jogging and in my experience, only a small percentage of those who do fitness work do as much stretching as they should. (Myself included!)

Another change I made was to put the couch up rotated 180 degrees from the direction I have placed it in in the past with the feet towards the wood stove. Does this make a significant difference? Only time will tell. I first did this after one client asked for it and having tried it preferred this. So one out of three have expressed an opinion, One merely commented and my third client with it this way around hasn’t tried it the other way as it was her first time.