A Blast from the Past

This morning when I opened up my computer I got a real surprise. A Facebook message from an ex-colleague asking if I wanted to do some massage with adolescents/children. This would be head and shoulders through clothes and hand massage as a way of reducing anxiety and hopefully helping to reduce the need for more serious  and frequent contact with Child and Adolescent Mental Health services.


The reason this is such a blast from the past is that it was about 18 years ago I started my training in massage and aromatherapy and it was part funded by the adolescent unit I worked at at the time. At that unit I was able to to back massage using essential oils with a chaperone present. Could this progress to that? I don’t know but after many years of seeing the NHS cut down and stop complementary therapies in so many areas, I am really encouraged by this development even if the cost of travel may mean I am unable to take up the offer.

I very much hope that this does come to pass and that I am able with colleagues in CAMHS to evaluate it and demonstrate the difference that positive touch can make in the lives of young adults suffering from mental health problems.