A new Season

This afternoon, I walked around Wandlebury Ring. Sadly without a camera. There were lots of aconites and snow drops in flower. On warm days these are some of the earliest providers of both pollen and nectar for bees and help  stimulate the queen into laying eggs again to build up the number of bees to take advantage of later much bigger nectar flows. The other stimulus for her is of course the temperature itself.


Because spring has been earlier of late that means that it is time for me to think about catching swarms and where they will go when I do catch them! I have a couple of options locally in Trumpington and some more on a farm at Lode to the East of Cambridge. I am of course looking forward to the warm weather myself. Catching swarms is one of the more fascinating aspects of bee keeping and one of the safest ones with regards to stings as the bees very rarely sting when swarming having eaten lots of Honey prior to doing so in case they don’t find anywhere nice to move in to quickly. Given property prices in Cambridge, perhaps I should be putting my rents up on my hives?