Today, as we prepare for friends to visit our allotment, it is currently raining and not looking at all  springlike. However,the Cherry tree on the opposite side of the street from where I sit is covered in blossom and looking whiter every day. For me, spring is when I start seeing my bees becoming more active and I know that I am going to need to start catching swarms and on occasion finding homes for them. This year one plan it to put some into a hollow tree at a nearby nature reserve.

Spring is also the time when many get more active in their gardens and on their allotments. (Why is one in and the other on?) This means many will be exercising for the first time in a few months (since the autumn dig for those who work like that) so a few words.

Always warm up. What works for different individuals varies but do include some gentle stretches and work steadily rather than trying to get it all done in one session. (Unless your plot is really small!)


Do look after your hands and use appropriate tools where necessary.

I use the beeswax skin balm that I make using wax from my bees, organic olive oil and essential oils. I often use it before as well as after spending time in the allotment.

And of course after all that work, what better than to enjoy a massage, though I would prefer that clients do not come covered in mud!

I can see clients either in Trumpington at my home or at the Salus clinic in Norfolk Street which is ideal for those needing a break from shopping in the Grafton Centre.

If seen in Trumpington, there is the advantage of a log burner in the room which for me is far better than central heating.