Introduction to Permaculture 24/25 June

This course which I am organising will have Hannah Thorogood  an experienced Permaculture teacher and practitioner.


You might question why am I organising and promoting this course on my blog? Well, I use permaculture principles and the three ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fare Shares in my practice and look for ways to do even more of this. Even more important however, is that I believe that using these principles and ethics is important not just for the well-being of the planet but also of our own species. It is also a big part of why I chose Aromatherapy and Massage as a profession on taking early retirement from the NHS.

While a large proportion of this course will look at growing food, particularly in gardens and allotments, the principles and ethics can be used for any activity as Permaculture is primarily a design system that provides various checks on its ecological and other ethics to ensure that it actually works. It is also fun. On all the permaculture courses I have done, fun is an important element of the learning process.

As well as the principles and ethics, at least one of the design templates will be covered as well as information on where to learn more and deepen learning in this subject. It will draw on local resources such as the Community Garden in Trumpington where it will be based, a community orchard which is around 8 years old and the Foster Road Allotment Site where a number of people operate using permacultre principles.

To book Cost for the two days is only £40 for early bird bookings before the 1st May.